Food and Feed Safety


The acquis in Chapter 12 – Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy consists of large number of regulations, which require not only transposition into national legislation, but also implementation of reform measures, set up of adequate institutional framework including relevant administrative capacities, in particular of control and inspection bodies.

The PLAC II project provided assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health in the development of:

– Draft procedure for cooperation in case of emergencies in the area of ​​food and feed safety

– Multi-annual national control plan (MANCP), which should cover laws on food and feed, as well as all relevant authorities on issues related to food safety and animal feed, including legislation on animal health and welfare and phytosanitary issues.

The seminar “Developing procedure for cooperation in case of emergencies in the area of food and feed safety” was organised on 8 November 2016, and the PLAC II project expert Ksenija Longo spoke to participants about the legal basis, incidents, emergencies and crises in the area of ​​food and feed safety. She also presented operational contingency plans in EU member states: sharing protocols, experience and knowledge on management and communication during food crisis.

During the workshop ” Multiannual national control plan”, which was held on 3 November 2016, the PLAC II project expert Cristiano Longo presented the EU background of the multi-annual national control plans (strategy, legislative-policy, procedural and behavioural point of view). He also spoke about the experiences of Member States in preparation of multi-annual national control plans, as well as about reporting on the results of these plans and their updating.