Support in the scope of Common Agricultural Policy


Considering the importance of Common Agricultural Policy, assistance was provided to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management from June to September 2018 in two significant areas: marketing standards for fruit and vegetables and designation of areas with natural and other specific constraints.

Draft Rulebook on marketing standards for fresh fruit and vegetables was prepared and training delivered to the representatives of the Ministry on marketing standards as defined by the EU legislation, with the proposals for harmonisation with Regulation 543/2011 and relevant EU acquis. In addition to this, draft Rulebook on procedures for controlling marketing standards including designation of inspection bodies responsible for carrying out conformity checks at each stage of the marketing was prepared, as well as draft Rulebook on register of fruit and vegetable traders.

In order to harmonise national system with the requirements of Regulation 1305/2013, draft Rulebook on designation of areas with natural and other specific constraints was prepared, with the aim of creating the conditions for activating specific measures for these areas. The process needs time, complex expertise and competency, and the availability of data on soil profiles, climate and terrain. It is therefore crucial to build a network of competent public institutions working with and supporting the Ministry during the process.

During the workshop “Designation of areas facing natural and other specific constraints: EU requirements and possible approaches for the delimitation” held on 26 September, the EU ANCs framework, process of delimitation, examples of relevant EU experiences as regards definition of ANC, as well as proposal of the main elements of the Rulebook on designation of areas with natural and other specific constraints in Serbia were presented.