Works on School Reconstruction have been initiated in the village of Berkasovo

Thanks to the EU donation amounting to EUR 60,000, 32 pupils of the lower school grades and four teachers of dislocated Primary School “Sremski front” in Beraskovo, shall start a new academic year in the renovated classrooms adapted to modern didactic needs. Refugee and migrant children, accommodated in the Reception Centres “Adaševci” and Principovac, who enrolled into the educational system of the Republic of Serbia, will be among these children.

In the course of only two months, as long as the organised transit during Wester Balkan route lasted, around 300,000 refugees and migrants passed through Berkasovo, a small village in the Municipality of Šid. Within the EU Support to municipalities hosting migrants, the total of EUR 60,000 have been allocated for the rehabilitation of the school building in Berkasovo, and these funds shall be spent for roof and joinery rehabilitation, instalment of efficient heating system, renovation and equipping of classrooms and common areas. After the reconstruction of this facility built back in 1950, heating and maintenance costs shall be reduced, and hence certain portions of funds allocated for regular maintenance shall be redirected to continuous improvement of curricula.