Through sport to better understanding

On Sunday, 16 June 2019, a sports event was organized on the river Bosut in Visnjicevo (municipality of Sid) during the international regatta and U21 kayaking competition, within the EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia. The participants were children from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.



The arrival of 17 migrant children from the Reception Centre in Sid, accompanied by one mother, was also organized. Together with children from the local Kayak and Canoe Club “Filip Visnjic”, they learned how to paddle. They used this occasion to socialize and talk about the importance of sport for a healthy life.


During the kayak race, the migrant children were supporting the competitors from Sid, cheering for them together with the local population. All children enjoyed the event and asked to come back again to train, but also to socialize and play.



The activities under the slogan “Celebrate Diversity”, which are implemented within the EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia, started in June 2019.


They aim to strengthen the unity and create a common space for migrants and the local population in Serbia, with fewer prejudices and more understanding and cooperation.