Kindergarten from Bujanovac gets a valuable donation from the European Union

Migrant children from the Reception Centre in Bujanovac and their peers from the preschool institution “Nasa radost” from Bujanovac had the chance today to socialize and have fun with the stage play “Santa Claus and three Christmas trees” performed by preschool teachers from that institution.

The kids were happy to get new toys, didactic material and furniture that was donated to the kindergarten “Nasa radost” within the EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia.


Director of the preschool institution “Nasa radost” Milovan Aleksic said that this institution has a great cooperation with the Reception Centre in Bujanovac and that several migrant children are attending the kindergarten.

“Bujanovac as a town, and our preschool institution too, have shown they are open for all people regardless of where they come from. The most important thing for us is for children to grow in a safe, beautiful and stimulating environment, to socialize and take part in events and workshops like this together”, said Mr Aleksic.


Jelena Maric Lukovic, on behalf of the EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia, pointed out that the preschool institution “Nasa radost” is an example of an inclusive environment where diversity is respected and encouraged.

“This is a multi-ethnic environment where children of Albanian, Serbian and Roma nationality follow the preschool curriculum together, and this year they were also joined by migrant children”, said Ms Maric Lukovic.


She said that 9,000 euros worth of furniture, didactic material and toys stimulating motor skills and children’s development were donated to the institution “Nasa radost” within the EU Support to Municipalities and Cities Hosting Migrants.