Certificates for beauty technician delivered to migrants in the Reception center in Sombor

Certificates have been delivered today in the Reception center in Sombor to ladies who successfully completed a course for assistant beautician for pedicure and manicure.

The training course for 11 lady migrants was organized by the International Organization for Migrations (IOM) in collaboration with the School for Primary Education of Adults in Sombor, as a part of the European Union Support to Migration Management in the Republic of Serbia.

A migrant from Iraq, Heymen Mohammad, said that she had learned a lot of great things during the training course.

“Every woman finds it useful to know how to make herself up. I believe that the course for beauty technician will make it possible this becomes my occupation one day”, said Heymen.

Skills of manicure and pedicure are, according to Sheherzade Ali from Syria, popular among women.

“I have been in cosmetics business before, and I think they can become my occupation and that the business is lucrative”, said Ali.

Danica Dubajić, teacher from the School for Primary Education of Adults from Sombor, stressed that migrants willingly accepted the invitation for the manicure and pedicure course and that they were “incredibly talented, and that the reason is probably the area they come from”.

“I sincerely hope that they will be able to use skills they acquired”, said Dubajić.

Vladimir Popović, principal of the School for Primary Education of Adults from Sombor, said this had not been the first time for them to participate in educating the migrants.

“We have already organized courses for computer programmers. Women responded to the call for this course so as to be able to use that knowledge”, said Popović.

Delivery of certificates was attended by representatives of Women’s Association “Breath in the Life” and representatives of NGO Sombor Educational Centre.